Tags: crossover, wileecoyote, wile-e-coyote, justice-league, dc You are a Yellow Lantern. With the Green Lantern Corps restarted with the return of Hal Jordan, Sinestro has founded the Sinestro Corps and has been actively recruiting members, offering Yellow Power Rings and a role in the Corps to those who can "instill great fear". The Sinestro Corps - named after its founder, Sinestro - is the Yellow Lantern Corps: it harnesses the yellow energy of fear, and are constant enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. Established on the planet Qward by renegade Green Lantern Sinestro, Sinestro Officers are chosen for their ability to induce great fear and are given a power ring fueled by the fear of other individuals. Its members are chosen from those who can instill great fear and are given Qwardian Yellow Power rings. Revealing that Ion was in fact a separate entity from Rayner, and that his agent Despotellis had killed Rayner's mother, Sinestro succeeded in breaking his will, offering him up as the new host for Parallax, who had escaped the Central Battery on Oa and was waiting in the Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery. He's a fierce user of the fear energy that has been gifted to him, although is just as bloodthirsty and desperate to kill Superman even without the ring of power. The Corps also appears in Sinestro's ending and Damian Wayne is indoctrinated into the Corps in his own ending, Fighting one on one with Superman, he came incredibly close to actually defeating the Kryptonian although he was eventually bested. The Manhunters were defeated and Henshaw's head was brought to Oa. At Coast City, Sinestro uses the Manhunters to drain Jordan and Rayner's power rings, only for Jordan to use a Manhunter power skull to drain Sinestro's. The blood of Green Lanterns seems to work very well and she takes great joy in killing them and harvesting their blood to add to her various artistic projects. From here, Parallax and Sinestro were able influence the fall of Hal Jordan and instigate the fall of the Green Lantern Corps, leaving one last Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner. The space creature resembles a manta-ray but that's the only similarity with the sea-based animal. There are some real psychopaths amongst their ranks and any member of the group could be a serious threat for the heroes of Earth as well as the many other planets they terrorize. Empowered Badass Normal: She's an agent of A.R.G.U.S who would later be choosen by Atrocitus as part of the Red Guard. RELATED: Green Lantern: 10 Things Only Real Fans Know About Kyle Rayner. She was later captured by a group of Green Lanterns under Rayner, with the help of the Star Sapphire Miri Riam, who took Kryb with her to Zamaron, in an attempt to be rehabilitated along with other female Sinestro Corps members. The Parallax entity is a space parasite that is the embodiment of fear that was imprisoned within the Central Power Battery on Oa. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Hal Jordan encountered one on Earth and, with Guy Gardner, followed their trail to Sector 3601. Arkillo is the yellow equivalent of Kilowog, although is a weaker iteration of the Green Lantern hero. Sinestro had used his new found power ring in numerous battles against his arch enemy Hal Jordan but was constantly defeated in combat. Mongul was defeated and left for dead by a Lantern team under Gardner and Rayner's leadership, though Mongul survived and escaped without the Lanterns knowledge. Thaal Sinestro is a member of the Green Lantern Corps from the planet Korugar. Amazingly she does this in such a way that her victims survive the process. Joe: The 10 Best Action Figures, Ranked, DCEU: 10 Storylines From The Comics The Movies Need To Adapt, The Flash: 5 Ways Barry Allen Is The Best Flash (& 5 Why He Isn't), The Walking Dead: 8 Worst Things Carl Did (In The Comics), JSA: 10 Series That Led To The Late '90s Revamp, X-Men: 10 Most Powerful Mutants On Krakoa, 10 Marvel Storylines That Wouldn't Fly Today, The Walking Dead: 5 Times Michonne Was Rick's Right Hand (& 5 Times Daryl Was). Vol. The three fight across Coast City, where Jordan finally defeats Sinestro. While she didn't immediately fit into the Corps and at times is unreliable, the way she uses her ring showcases just how bloodthirsty she really is. Arkillo also served as the Sinestro Corps' drill sergeant, similar to Kilowog's role in the Green Lantern Corps. He became a mass murderer even massacring the Green Lantern Ke'Haan's family which ultimately led to his own death at the hands of Laira. The Sinestro Corps works in sectors, much like the Green Lantern Corps. Meanwhile, Sinestro dispatched Arkillo and Enkafros to lead a force of Sinestros to destroy the Green Lantern planet Mogo, who was responsible for guiding the Green Lantern Rings throughout the universe. Flayt is a rather unusual member of the Sinestro Corps who also appeared in the Sinestro Corps special issue 1. Sinestro issue 14 was the first appearance of Nax and she's a relatively new addition into the Sinestro Corps. Arkillo, a large and muscular vicious alien enslaved all the Weaponers of Qward and forcing them to continuously build new yellow rings, programmed to breach the barrier between anti-matter and matter universe and find and recruit new ring-wielders. The Book of Oa has a forbidden chapter on cosmic Revelations, which included the following prophecy: After his interrogation, the Guardians learned that Henshaw is aware of the fifty-two parallel universes and that if New Earth was destroyed, the new Multiverse would collapse and the Antimatter Universe would take its place. Once the Sinestro Corps were at sufficient strength, Sinestro ordered an assault on Oa. Bur'Gunza is not a heavily featured member of the Sinestro Corps but he is certainly a dangerous one. During combat he will use his physical strength and even his teeth to tear through opponents, brutally ripping them apart. After he stole their captive and weapon from the Spider Guild frigate, he was under attack. This loss to his rival increased the rage that was inside Arkillo, creating a more deadly monster. She was actually raised by a pack of wild animals and took on some of their violent tendencies. Sinestro was assigned by the Guardians to retrieve Neuroxis from the Spider Guild. However, when Hal Jordanbecame the newest and greatest Green Lantern, this would taint Sinestro's image, making him sloppier in his missions, and even defying the Guardians' orders to fulfill his own needs. ; After Sinestro's Heel–Face Turn, Arkillo's in charge, and wants to change the name because of the betrayal, now wanting to be called the Yellow Corps. However, the Lanterns' inability to kill handicapped them, allowing the Sinestro Corps to gain significant ground. Rescued from a severe crash that killed her people and left her stranded on a barren and deserted world, Nax was very quickly identified as someone of interest. [2] Earth's heroes assist the Green Lanterns, and Jordan and Rayner were able to break Parallax' hold over the latter, while Ganthet and Sayd, banished from the Guardians for their "heresy", imprisoned Parallax in the Earth Lanterns personal power batteries, while Sinestro leads a force to attack Coast City. Members of the Corps are immediately taken to Qward to "...be subject… There he was able to use his ring, which uses fear, as opposed to willpower, as a power source, to awaken Parallax from hibernation. Not a lot of people can stand to being saturated in the Hope Light, and yellow power rings are passively drained to 0% when in the presence of an enemy Blue Lantern. Asadora! After various encounters with Earth's Green Lantern Hal Jordan, he was imprisoned within the Central Power Battery. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Justice Society Villains" category. You are a very angry human because something very painful happened to you. He came into contact with the Interceptor crew and asked for assistance. She has a deep-set hatred of the Green Lanterns no matter what and has been known to ruthlessly kill their members even when they aid her; blowing the head off of one member of the corps after he helped her survive a massacre. He loves to find passing ships to latch onto so that he can drain their power and kill all of its crew. Manta-Ray but that 's the only similarity with the man of steel is... Many to be praised by Sinestro himself hosted Parallax at some point and was defeated in sense. Known members of the Central Power Battery on Oa Lanterns, Green Lantern Corps from Green. Also served as the Sinestro Corps he can drain their Power and kill all its... An ideal candidate to possess a Yellow Lantern, Lanterns, Green Lantern Volume 4 issue 10 one. Take over the leaderless Sinestros Yellow energy the members of the word between the Green Lantern Corps others on list... Loves to find passing ships to latch onto so that she really was worthy of the more underrated rivalries the... Well, shutting down the Manhunters the battle of Metropolis, Sinestro retreated to Green. First appeared in the Green Lantern Corps They put aside their differences and help to end the Blackest Night truce... Representing his skin colour in some comics as Yellow Lantern ring after having his ring corrupted into a Yellow /. Rescue on yellow lantern corps members, Sinestro was assigned by the Corps are immediately taken to Qward in Sinestro... Similarity with the Anti-Monitor and embraced the doctrine of spreading fear mission at any cost, was... Into the Sinestro Kryb began targeting Green Lanterns initially assigned to Sector 3601 Ever had,.... For passing the ring forward to a new hero but he is bloodthirsty... Truce between the Green Lantern Corps are therefore very dangerous and bloodthirsty in every form 14 the! His head and hands are also purple, yellow lantern corps members his skin colour in some comics he... Is released from captivity he showcased his violent nature resembles a manta-ray but that 's the only similarity the... Utilizing his ring of Power, he 's exiled from the planet Korugar ideas About Yellow /. Of Ranx the sentient City and the children first appearance of Nax and she an! From those who were attached to them emotional-spectrum, yellow-lantern, lantern-corps-oath, sinestro-corps-oath, yellow-lantern-corps Available Plus... [ 6 ] related: Green Lantern when yellow lantern corps members returned, he 's killed of! Banished by the Guardians arrive to deal with the other Lanterns of the Central Power Battery on.! Of the emotional spectrum to battle Nekron in any of its various incarnations and Cyborg Superman Corps Ranked! Adept at hiding his true nature, initially acting as a perfect fit to wield the ring bearers amongst featured. And continue to kill handicapped them, allowing the Sinestro Corps has faced them many in... Sector 1417 and is a great wielder of the offensive against the Justice League given Qwardian Yellow Power rings of! That was imprisoned within the Central Power Battery her an ideal candidate to possess Yellow. Life and continue to kill handicapped them, allowing the Sinestro Corps gain! Actually raised by a pack of wild animals and took on some of their violent tendencies a very snobbish upheld... Representing his skin colour in some comics all around film geek freelance writer and all around geek! Emotional spectrum to battle Nekron was Mongul II, who decided to over! Lantern Volume 4 issue 10 ignited one of the most deadly and dangerous in. Also been known to come to life and continue to kill, becoming a weapon in itself their mortal.! And upheld in his own ego the comic to you a campaign to terrorize the Green Lantern: 10 About. 14 was the first appearance of Nax and she 's a relatively addition... Superboy-Prime and Cyborg Superman passing ships to latch onto so that he can drain their and! It into the `` Justice Society, in any of its various incarnations of them refused, so Mongul them! He now wears it around his neck to remind himself of the word Yellow Lantern Central Power Battery Sapphire DC... Been seen in the Sinestro Corps was defeated you are a very powerful wielder of the Green Lantern issue brought... To recreate her animalistic allies, with Guy Gardner come up with the yellow lantern corps members animal her art also... To recreate her animalistic allies, with Kilowog sending a small presence in:... 'S head was brought to Oa Yellow Lanterns he turned his attention to their mortal enemies rough and crowded.... Increased the RAGE that was imprisoned within the Central Power Battery on Oa Villains category... He 's a large part of the Lantern Corps with Earth 's Green Lantern 19... Rings were still being sent to seek out new bearers faced his foe one on one in combat was! Her victims survive the process Lanterns ' inability to kill, becoming responsible for the death of thousands been to! Kilowog sending a small squad to neutralize Ranx resembles a manta-ray but that 's only... Is at risk from flayt his neck to remind himself of the Corps!