Space Engineers In-Game Scripting Builder. See our new additions page to see our future plans! Usage. To save space, any content a perent interface has will NOT be listed in the sub-interfaces. VST: Visual Scripting Tool. I know how to make blueprints by using Ctrl + B and F10 however I am having hard time automating construction based on blueprint. Displays scenario code in graphical environment IST: In-game Scripting Tool. Some of this information can also be found in the game’s loading screens, but I thought it would be nice to put it in one place. ... 27th day of every month, we will compile a short report on what is uploaded to the Steam Workshop (ship types, devices, scripts etc). Space Engineers Helper All your calcuations in one spot, to build the perfect ship. This website is still under development! Script base "MyGridProgram" is located inside Sandbox.ModAPI.Ingame namespace so i added this one to usings to make script base directly accesible although its not listed in official namespace list. Welcome! Last update:22/4/2020 We are changing! It just scans the entire target folder for all .cs files. We use the density,mass and volume of uranium ingots to calculate this because they are the densest material in Space Engineers currently. ScriptBuilder